Give some color to your walls!

Give some color to your walls!

Details are everything

I love surrounding myself with things that inspire me. After all, our environment defines our perception of the world. That’s why I pay attention to every little thing in my house. Sometimes it even turns into some kind of obsession. I can spend hours brooding whether these curtains match the color of the sofa and whether this porcelain kitten should be put to the left or to the right of my grandma’s clock. Yes, that can be tiring, but the result is worth it! When you do the finishing touch and stand in the middle of the room looking around and enjoying the fruits of your efforts, it’s an incomparable feeling! For me, cleaning up and redesigning my living space is a sort of meditation. I don’t know why, but I firmly believe that the way our home is organized defines the way our thoughts are organized, too. So next time you are stuck on some seemingly unresolvable issue, try taking a mop and just let it do its job 🙂

In search of perfect decor

So, as I said, I try to surround myself with beautiful and inspiring things. I’ve always been skeptical about wall paintings. I thought they require too much money to spend on them and can be easily replaced with something cheaper – say, art prints. But… my opinion changed when I saw the website of Leonid Afremov! This is a modern impressionist from Israeli who shares and sells his works online. I can’t even tell you how beautiful they are! You should really see it for yourself. I’ll name just a few reasons to check them out:

  • Incredible, vibrant colors that take your breath away!
  • Romantic cityscapes and nature views: rainy streets, misty parks, sunset-lit beaches…
  • Unusual style that consists of large, irregular strokes. If you are used to straightforward realism, you’ll definitely be surprised.
  • And, of course, the amazing mood of Leonid Afremov’s paintings! They are so kind, cheerful and endlessly romantic that you don’t want to tear your eyes away from the canvas!

I was so impressed by what I saw that I decided to order a few works immediately. To be honest, I was a bit afraid. What if Afremov turns out to be a crook and his whole business is just a fake, I thought. What if I simply lose my money? But after doing a little internet research and reading positive feedback, I decided to risk it. Well, there was no risk at all! The paintings arrived in time, just as arranged. I even got an authenticity certificate for each of them. No my apartment looks like a fashionable gallery! So if you want to spruce up your interior at an affordable price, I really recommend visiting this site!


Hands off our childhood!

You know how they love refilming good old fairy tales to fit the tastes of the modern audience. Ok, I don’t mind. What I mind is when such a remake is done in a way that makes it clear: it’s all about the money… Take the latest ‘Beauty and the Beast’ for instance! Yes, the one starring Emma Watson: To be honest, I expected it to be much, much better! But they didn’t just take the same old scenario as in the iconic Disney cartoon without changing it even a bit – they made it even worse! First of all… Afro Americans! In the medieval France! Isn’t that… a bit too much? Don’t get me wrong, I’m a completely tolerant person. My best friend is Afro American. But that doesn’t mean we have to distort obvious historical facts! And, well, why did they have to make LeFou so obviously… homosexual? Again, I don’t judge anyone, but did they really have to focus on that in a children’s movie? And, lastly, I was totally disappointed with Emma Watson. They could have chosen a much more credible Belle. As Hermione, she rocks, but that just wasn’t her cast. What do you think about this movie? I’d love to read your comments!


Hello, people from around!

Hello, people from around!

My name is Stacey Miller and my occupation is both incredibly creative and totally unrewarding. I work as a ‘ghost singer’ for movies and cartoons. Yes, you might have actually heard my voice when watching some anime titles and foreign musicals! I keep promising myself to get out of the shadow and start making my own music, but… something always comes up and I keep following the same routine… and suffering… and enjoying it… and promising to quit… I guess this blog is my attempt to straighten out my plans and desires and finally decide what to do with my life… Will you help me? 🙂